School of Marine Sciences, CUSAT

Programs: M. Sc. Meteorology; M. Tech. Atmospheric Sciences; Ph.D.

Department of Atmospheric Science was formed in 1996 by bifurcating the erstwhile Physical Oceanography and Meteorology Division of the School of Marine Sciences. The Department started offering a 4-semester M. Sc programme in Meteorology since 1975 and a 4-semester M. Tech in Atmospheric Science since 1989. Eight efficient and dynamic faculty are available in the Department. Prestigious awards such as BOYSCAST, Commission of the European Communities (CEC) Fellowships, etc. were awarded to the faculty. International and national awards for the academic excellence and achievements were also received. Eminent Scientists and Professors are often invited to the Department for giving lectures in advanced areas.

Programs: M.Sc. Hydrochemistry; Ph.D.

Department of Chemical Oceanography is one of the five Departments in the School of Marine Sciences of the Cochin University of Science and Technology. Though the history of School of Marine Sciences starts from 1938 with the establishment of the Oceanographic Laboratory in the erstwhile Travancore University, the chemical oceanographic research was initiated only in 1970s. The present Department of Chemical Oceanography was established in 1996 during the reorganization of the School of Marine Sciences. The first course in the field, the M.Phil. Chemical Oceanography, was started in 1983. The Department of Chemical Oceanography has excellent facilities for training, research and consultancy in chemical studies on diverse aspects of the environment and has pioneered investigations in areas of nutrient chemodynamics, phase exchange of aquatic pollutants, biogeoorganics, trace metal speciation, marine natural products, aerosols etc., and has contributed valuable inputs into the National/International Database.

Department of Physical Oceanography

Programs: M.Sc. Oceanography; M.Tech. Ocean Technology; Ph.D.

To cater the needs of oceanographers for this country, a postgraduate program in Oceanography commenced in 1965 at the erstwhile Department of Marine Biology and Oceanography under University of Kerala. Later it was attached to Physical Oceanography and Meteorology Division (POMD) of University of Cochin. The Department of Physical Oceanography was established in 1996 as part of the restructuring programme of the University and continued to offer the prestigious master program.

Department of Marine Biology, Microbiology & Biochemistry

Programs: M.Sc. Marine Biology; Ph.D.

The Department of Marine Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry is the academic continuation of the original Department of Marine Biology and Fisheries, established in 1938 under the University of Travancore for promoting marine research and fisheries investigations. It is one of the five departments, under the School of Marine Sciences of the University that has a unique national and International relevance in our sojourn for exploring the oceans and its services to mankind. The M.Sc. course in Marine Biology began in 1958 along with multidisciplinary research in various aspects of biological oceanography. The department has well equipped laboratories and facilities with sophisticated instruments and the research carried out in the time-period has brought out immense outputs, theories, patents and baseline data sets that contributed profoundly towards the marine research in the country as well as in a world forum.

Department of Marine Geology & Geophysics

Programs: M.Sc. Marine Geology; M.Sc. Marine Geophysics; Ph.D.

CUSAT was the first University in the Country to start a full-fledged post graduate programme in Marine Geology in the year 1976, taking into account the global advancement in general and national needs in particular in the field of Marine Geosciences. A three year M.Sc.(Tech) programme in Marine Geophysics was subsequently introduced in 1992 as a logical extension within the frame work of a UGC funding of 1.27 crores to the existing Marine Geology programme, which has now been restructured into a 2-year M.Sc programme in Marine Geophysics. Both the programmes are complementory in nature and have been designed to aim at the development of manpower in the field of applied geology and geophysics with a special emphasis on off shore areas with a view to cater the needs of various research institutions and survey organizations as well as private companies engaged in oil and mineral exploration, sea bed surveys, remote sensing and groundwater prospecting.